7: LookUp - Vidit Bhargava

2/11/2020 · 39:38

Vidit Bhargava talks about the design and launch of his dictionary app LookUp for iOS and macOS.

Show Notes
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6: Nighthawk - Nathan Lawrence & Sam Gold

1/28/2020 · 75 minutes

Nathan Lawrence and Sam Gold join the show to talk about the launch of their new app Nighthawk.

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5: Myke Hurley

1/17/2020 · 72 minutes

We're capping off launch week with the one and only Myke Hurley, co-founder of Relay FM, host of countless podcasts, and co-creator of The Theme System Journal.

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4: James Thomson

1/16/2020 · 99 minutes

James Thomson, creator of PCalc, DragThing, and Dice by PCalc, joins the show to talk about his long history building software in the Apple ecosystem.

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3: Kaya Thomas

1/15/2020 · 36:19

Kaya Thomas joins the show to talk about her indie app We Read Too, conference speaking, and writing.

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2: Christian Selig

1/14/2020 · 50:15

Charlie talks to Christian Selig, the creator of the indie Reddit app Apollo.

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1: Heidi Helen Pilypas

1/13/2020 · 63 minutes

We're kicking off the show with Heidi Helen Pilypas, the co-creator of indie iOS apps When Did I? and Capsicum.

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Introducing: Launched

12/13/2019 · 1:56

Introducing: Launched, the show talking to creators about launching their creations into the world. Hosted by Charlie Chapman.

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Blog: Welcome to Launched


Hi 👋, I'm Charlie Chapman and I'm working on a new podcast called Launched where I'll interview app developers and other creators about their experiences…